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Our guests will be supported by the experienced hotel staff, who will prioritise our guests' well being according to the typical northern Portuguese hospitality. The ever present peacefulness and wellbeing experienced in our hotel will be an unparalleled experience that you will never forget.
Nature activities

Nature activities

Our guests can also take part in activities in the woodlands of our property such as outdoor games and picnics, as well as taking part in agricultural activities (such as grape and chestnut harvest), local vegetation and wild life sightseeing tours, and guided tours to our winery and vineyards.


All our guests can enjoy a stroll across the footpaths crisscrossing the property winding their way between woodlands and little streams flowing from crystal-clear springs. Alternatively, it is possible to take the 5 km pedestrian circuit that surrounds our premises, and to end up the tour with a drink at the hotel lounge to restore your energy.


We also rent bikes so you can go for a ride and offer you the possibility to practice the following outdoor sports:
- Swimming
- Tennis
- Badminton
- Miniature golf

Alternatively table tennis, table football and darts can also be played indoors.

The Lousada Sports Complex is next door to the hotel resort. This complex includes the municipal football and hockey pitches, six beaten-earth tennis courts, two multipurpose artificial turf pitches (one to play football and the other to practice rugby), as well as a clay pigeon shooting ground and a health club.