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Lousada Country Hotel

History states that during the reign of D. Afonso III in 1258, a vast property, divided into three hamlets (Ribeiro, Cegonheira de Baixo and Vila Meã), was donated to the church of Santa Margarida.

From the unification of these hamlets was born Quinta de Vila Meã, an estate consisting of a manor house with a chapel dated from 1854, where José Felisberto de Magalhães (who belonged to the aristocratic class) lived with his family, according to existing historic sources.

Later in 1975, it was acquired by Sr Valdemar Pinto, whose descendants continue in residence until the present time.

The Lousada Country Hotel project emerged from a dream of the present owners of the hotel, consisting of the renovation, development and sustainability of the historic and architectural tradition of the estate, to be passed on to future generations.